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    EVITP offers the most comprehensive training for the installation of EVSE equipment available.

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    EVITP has certified over 1000 Electricians for the proper installation of EVSE equipment.

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    Collaboration with Industry is key to the quality of the EVITP Training Curriculum and experience.

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    The Electric Vehicle industry is changing rapidly. Learn the latest at these industry sites.

“EVITP Training is a unique collaboration with Industry designed to deliver the most comprehensive EVSE Installation certification available today.”

Extensive Curriculum

EVITP Phase 1 curriculum is a 24-hour course that includes classroom and hands-on learning that provides a structured platform to facilitate training and certification for the installation of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

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Industry Collaboration

Collaboration with Industry has driven the EVITP training effort by providing real-time perspectives on market technology, challenges and opportunities.  Read More

Certification & Standards

The EVITP Training Program has rigorous training standards and is taught by instructors who have well documented qualifications and considerable experience in their areas of expertise.

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